Explainations on Absence

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Explainations on Absence

Post by Z on Thu Jun 06, 2013 2:08 am

Soooo I've been super pissy the last several days... I blame stuff that I'm sure you guys not only don't care about, but also don't care to know... sooo uhh yeah pester me about it and I will explain you are warned that you don't want to know and yeah. So anyway, I'll be back when I feel like my super pissy mood won't give you guys a supper pissy Z because all things considered she is in a relativity good mood and every time I try to type a post I end up with super sarcastic, sardonic, pissed off tones sooo umm yeah.

Also Kolson this is why I haven't responded to your latest PM in our Monopoly game. For as much as Shadow is an elitist she is not a brat so... sigh

Anyway a general apology here. When I am in a bad mood it comes across very strongly in my writings.

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