Rory at the Campfire

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Rory at the Campfire

Post by Rory on Tue Jul 02, 2013 6:03 am

About the thread:
First campaign only. In an effort to encourage more campfire interaction with my character without my character being the one to initiate it--kinda his thing at the moment--I've decided to put this up. He normally doesn't talk to other campfire members unless he has to. He would have went to talk to Tabran after things calmed down at the town, but then he left. Estoy triste. And on top of that, Aphus Lassel. It's really too bad, Rory was starting to want to talk to Tabran and be all buddy-buddy. Maybe he'll come back. I hope he does. Anyway, if your character has an urge to talk to Rory about something or just wants to visit--probably likely that whatever it is, it's not because they like him at the moment--go ahead and put it here. Date and time of day of the visit would be nice, I do have a journal to keep now. While this is a "campfire" thread, other moments when the group has extended free time to talk--whether before or after something risky or dangerous--are fine, but I'd appreciate it if the location were given as well as the date/time.
At the moment, Rory stoically alternates between the campfire to keep warm or the tent to be alone to his thoughts. On nights when the fire's warmth is welcome, he can be seen sitting by it when he eats or sharpens his axe or his knife. Otherwise he is in his tent, and after recent scuffle, metal scraping on stone can be heard from within.

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