Anji's Super Olympic Track and Field Climax

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Anji's Super Olympic Track and Field Climax

Post by Kolson on Mon Oct 21, 2013 5:50 pm

The Plot: Mayor Anji’s rivalry with Mayor Sloan heats up, when both Anytown and The City compete to host the Olympic Summer Trials. To prove to the Olympic Committee that Anytown should win, the Mayor kidnaps several random citizens and forces them to compete in the Super Olympic Track and Field Climax!

Will the player’s survive Anji’s deadly trials and possibly win spectacular cash prizes, a fancy new car, and most importantly a wish?

Mayor Anji Says: Not Likely!


The Place: Anytown, USA. A small town, like any other, founded by pirates back in 1567. Ruled with an iron fist ever since Mayor Anji defeated Mayor Eric the Viking in personal combat 3 years ago.

Mayor Anji Says: Yes, your own town charter was the key to my rise. Democracy rules. Just like me, Mayor Anji!


The Location: The Anydome, a structure a demonic structure literally created overnight by Mayor Anji’s EVIL DARK MAGIC. The new dome features lots of awesomely evil industrial architecture, with fire spouting demon statues, lava fountains, and a new and much needed downtown parking structure. It’s totally Metal.

Mayor Anji Says: Quake in fear at your Mayor's generosity, mortals!


The Characters:

Mayor Anji: "Ha, ha, ha! It is I, Mayor Anji. Cower in the face of my magnificence, mortals!"

Gray hared middle aged Japanese man wearing a stylish white suit, top hat, and rainbow cape. He was originally host of a popular Japanese game show, until one day his show's on world tour took him to Anytown, USA. No one knows what happened that day to turn a mild mannered game show host into the monster you see before you but change he did.

Since becoming Evil Lord Mayor of Anytown, USA he spends his time trying to outdo his most hated rival, the beloved mayor of The City, Heather Sloan.

Mayor Anji Says: I am a sexy beast. Deal with it!

Budget Director Mole: "S-sir, I really don't think we can afford this."

Anytown’s city accountant and Mayor Anji’s right hand anthropomorphic mole. Mole usually wears a cheap second hand suit with thick, bottle-rimmed glasses. He will act as Referee and Judge throughout the Super Olympic Track and Field Climax.

Mayor Anji Says: Ah, Mr. Mole. The best accountant tens of dollars can buy!

Dragon Zara: "Step forward and die with honor!"

Dragon Zara is a Japanese Bobtail cat with white fir and an orange face (with black highlights). She usually dresses like a Yakuza assassin, because that’s what she is. She’s very attractive and most men (and some women) fall all over themselves when she’s around.

Mayor Anji Says: Zara is my kind of woman-cold, ruthless, and an expert at all types of fighting. Familial obligations rule!

Moe: "..."

Description: Moe is a large bulldog and Mayor Anji’s over-muscled personal bodyguard/enforcer. He doesn't talk much, but he’s strong. Really strong. He stands 7 feet tall and has broad shoulders that barely fit into his tailored Italian suit.

Mayor Anji Says: Moe likes to fight. I point, he punches.

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