History of Earth and Solar System

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History of Earth and Solar System

Post by Essoje on Sun Nov 24, 2013 8:37 pm

History of Earth

  • There has been 2 dark ages in the history of humanity since the 21th century. There’s a wealth of records from this century, surprisingly, thanks to their ancient time vaults.
    The first is a huge mystery because of a complete lack of remaining records for this time, and even when and how it started and end is still a hot topic between scholars as there are conflicting records from the magic empire era that followed. Most scholars point the end of the 24th century as the pivotal point.
  • Between the first and second dark ages, the world saw the rise of an empire that was know for it’s heavy use of magic. The last day of this empire ended with the god emperor, in a moment of madness, retrieving all magic in the land and destroying himself, his castle, the capital and everything related to magic by use of a final spell. Scholars agree this was the rediscovery of technology from before or during the previous dark age, and the nameless emperor vaporizing it all was the main reason nothing remaining from the previous age. A crater left in central europe of about 120 kilometers of diameter, confirmed to have been created roughly the same time of the stories of the mad god emperor, is what gives credibility to the existence of that empire, together with conflicting records of that era.
  • Around BTA 520 (Before Terran Awakening), humanity is believed to have reached and surpassed their previous technological apex, to the point that the latest technology of TA 113 is believed to still be inferior, and it’s believed a small part of humanity has left for the stars during this time, but curiously never touching anything inside the solar system. There was a heavy reliance in artificial intelligence and robots for basically everything on a day-to-day basis, and there some enough records remaining that confirm that.
  • BTA 437 is dubbed as the “Year of Reckoning” by the Terran Society. It is believed that at least years of preparation were necessary by the Machina, the AI/Robot faction, so that their rise to world power would take mere days. The Machina decided to keep humanity alive, but no reason was ever given. Humanity was successfully kept under surveillance during the next 241 years, and any attempts to do anything but idle, play, eat, reproduce and sleep would be considered rebellion, with their zero-tolerance policy leading to the deaths of about 4 billion humans during those 241 years that followed alone.
  • BTA 296 marks the years where Gizbar, a human that somehow found himself out of the system and unleashed a powerful virus into the Machina network. The exact details are lacking, but this virus caused a 2 month world war between all remaining Machina, which led to the eradication of all artificial intelligence in the planet, and almost 1 billion of collateral human deaths during the time, plus another 2 billion deaths as humanity tried to survive in the carcass that Earth had become. Gizbar is remembered as both a devil and a savior by the remaining humanity, and all scholars agree that would his interference was timely, as there are hints that the Machina finally agreed on humanity’s ultimate fate at their hands and were already working into changing every single human into a mindless servant.
  • Week 1 Day 1 of of Year 1 of Terran Awakening marks the foundation of the Terran Society and humanity’s proper control of their own destiny, as well as their new attempt to reach the stars. They start their expansion into other locals of interest inside the solar system, and attempt to move humanity into space.
  • TA 44, a faint time-space distortion is discovered at the far side of the moon. Scientists try to make use of it, but it’s ultimately too unstable to do anything of note with it.
  • TA 46, VL-S1-2 is discovered at a fixed point in the asteroid belt, and found to be much more stable than the VL-S1-1.
  • TA 95, VL-S1-3 is discovered, and experiments start.
  • Week 35 Day 2 of TA 112 sees the completion of the Zenobia, the mothership of the Zenobian Fleet, projected to take the rest of the population on Earth that wish to leave the planet and have enough empty space so that overpopulation wouldn’t become a problem for at least a considerable amount of time.
  • Present day is Week 4 day 2 of TA 113. The Zenobian fleet is finishing preparations to leave the solar system and make use of the newly-discovered jump node VL-S1-3 in day 151 at 1700 hour.

About the solar system of the future

  • Scientists calculated that about 73.2% of all obtainable materials that could be explored by the current technology in the whole solar system were already in use by the time the Zenobian fleet has been completed. Once that percentage reaches 100%, the energy needed to extract and refine one kg of usable rare material would become too high to maintain operations, and would rise exponentially from there on, and even the discovery of some new super-energy source would make it a overall loss. This is the primary reason why the newest and largest fleet of the Terran Society is leaving the solar system in such a hurry.
  • There’s at least 1 active Terran Society base in every major astral body in the solar system or in orbit of one, save for the sun itself and all trans-neptunian objects.
  • There are two well-known jump nodes inside the solar system, VL-S1-1, which seems linked to the the moon’s movements and located at the far side, but too unstable for travel, and VL-S1-2, at a fixed point on the asteroid belt in relation to the sun. It’s known to be stable, with the jump travel time of 47 days and 7 hours out and 15 days and 8 hour in, and it’s destination VL-S1-2b is confirmed to be somewhere outside of the Milky Way, with the closest available jump node being 45.49 AUs away.
  • The newest jump node found by humanity is the VL-S1-3, and it’s at a fixed point in space in relation to the sun, approximately 2 AU further from Neptune’s orbital path. Jump travel calculated at 17 days and 6 hours out at Zenobia’s jump speed of 1.0 gzb (pronounced gizbar), and 224 days and 6 hours in, making the jump back a considerable investment.

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