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Post by Essoje on Sun Dec 22, 2013 6:38 am

ZSF-3 Nibelung

Unit type: Prototype modular space fighter
Height: 33.1 meters
Weight: 51.4 metric tons

Twin GST Drive
2 non-standard GST drives configured to work as one single drive, thus the 'twin' part. While it might look excessive at first, this space fighter is meant to be used together with various modules at the same time, making it a necessity.
Boost Drive
Standard boost drive, modified to work with D.M. technology. It simply gives the fighter a extra burst of speed or a sudden break when needed, but it can't keep up for long. When not in use, it automatically refills its internal battery.
Gravicon System Mark II
This is the second version of the terran navy standard gravicon system, developed by Dr. Francis Green, is meant to help a pilot in doing a better job piloting in space as well as keeping them from dying from the excessive g-forces involved.
The standard gravicon system creates a artificial gravity bubble inside the cockpit, giving the pilot both a sense of up and down, as well as reducing the g-forces that would normally kill anyone traveling at the speeds a space fighter can reach, instead generating much smaller but equivalent g-forces, so the pilot can have a clear sense of his current speed, direction and so on.
The Mark II version of this system adds touch, smell and auditory cues when used together with a compatible pilot suit. This allows for faster and more precise reflex responses, together with a much clearer HUD. 'Becoming one with the fighter' is a great way to describe it.
D.M. Resonant Paired Core
While it does not create energy by itself, as long as core is within range of it's paired D.M. Core, it may function indefinitely withing a range of 2,000,000 km, as well as access to real-time communications with the ship its core is paired with.
The downside is that it would quickly lose energy once it's out of range.
D.M. Resonant Barrier
While it is a step-down from the barriers found on D.M. Core-equipped spaceships, this is still a superior alternative to standard barriers.
It needs a D.M. Resonant Core in order to work.
External Module Mount x 8
Magnetic couplers in eight points around the ship allow for external modules to be added with ease.
Internal Module Slot x 2
Internal space inside the fighter, for future upgrades.

Standard Armament:
G-Drive (Pair)
By accumulating the g-forces that are created naturally when flying the fighter and storing it for later use, the G-Drive allows for reliable long-range weapon by firing a hybrid pellet of energy and g-force into the target. It also may used in something called 'Ram Mode' when at full capacity, creating an extra barrier layer on the fighter as well as creating an horizontal 'edge' in front of the ship, which then can be used to ram into the target, usually to great destructive effect.
G-Drive Ramming Drone x 4
This drone is meant for testing the terrain before using the G-Drive's Ram mode. When launched, this drone will try to pierce the target, gather and send back as much information to the fighter as possible, and then explode. Based on this information, the pilot then can decide whenever it is safe to use ram something with the G-Drive, or simply relay the findings to his allies in case of unknowns, for example.
Chaff Launcher
Rather than damage, this launcher is meant for strategic and/or defensive use. Located at the back of the ship, it launches a cloud of energized particles that quickly spreads, confusing all known terran sensor technology as well visual contact.

Modules (available at the Reliant):
Sentry Gun x 4
A sentry gun mounted to your ship that fires high-energy pellets. It will give priority to selected targets, but otherwise will try to fire at the closest target available, doubling as a defensive method.
Heavy-Duty Missile Pod x 2
Carries 4 heavy-duty sub-light speed missiles. Meant for large targets with no barrier defense.
Smart Missile Pod x 4
Carries 16 anti-fighter smart missiles.
Defensive Drone Station x 2
Standard defensive drone docking station. Meant to drop a drone at a specific point, at which point the drone will do as programed, like defending the position or using suppression fire for tactical advantage, and then be retrieved later.

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