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Post by Caladrius on Tue Mar 11, 2014 7:23 pm

Because Arch is playing all the Final Fantasy, I have been listening to his comments on lore and thought it would be a fun to come up with a story of our own pulling in the best elements of everything we (collectively) know about RPGs in general.

So in the spirit of Final Fantasy, Chrono Trigger, Phantasy Star, and other JRPGs, I present my experiment for the ultimate vision of a JRPG.

This is purely a thought process for the story arcs with key points and ideas, so any padding should be avoided. I am tempted to outline all my arcs first and not it episode format. But that might be too much of a spoiler for some people.

Rules for now: Avoid Character Names, Abilities, Groups and Locations/Settings. The idea is to focuses on just the story elements and hash out an outline.
How to contribute: This is not a one person story; everything is more or less fair game. Beyond the over arching theme I have, don’t have the time for details.
The Story is done in episodic format to break it up into smaller more manageable parts.
Finally, the story is never finished only abandoned.
Other Wise have fun

Episode 1: Beginnings
Major Theme: Idolism
Sub Theme: Power

The story starts with a group of young children 5-9yrs (friends) in a poor hamlet outside the kingdom. They are visited by a group of kingdoms most elite warriors coming back from a mission for the kingdom. The group of young friends are in awe of the warriors, and ask if they have the ability to become like them. The worriers intrigued the children create mock tests to see if they have the initiate ability to join their warrior ranks. Each of the children chooses a warrior they idolize and the warrior ask them to perform a task.  After each task the each of the warriors creates a mock scene where the children are presented to be much more powerful then they really are.  The warriors tell the children that if they continue then one day they will be able to join them. The warriors leave and the children go on to adventure and train

One of the warriors is not who they appear to be.

Episode 2: Fantasy
Major Theme: Innocence
Sub Theme: Fun

This is a bridge episode, and is more of just learning the combat system as well as building on the false sense of powers they have.

Notes: Yeah this is more or less a filler, but I hope that as the story progress plots will be back ported.

Episode 3: Reality  
Major Theme: Death
Sub Theme: Betrayal

War has broken out in the Kingdom. The Kingdom now in need of troops, recruits people to join from the outlying areas. The children now older join up. When they arrive at the kingdom they are greeted by the warriors they meet years earlier. They are sent through some basic training in which they excel.  Soon they are sent on a mission. Nearing the end of the mission they are ambushed and one of the children is killed. When they get back to the kingdom they are told that their mission was a deception so that the warriors could succeed with their mission. At this point they are also told that they are not special. (Not the A or B team, but just a group of ordinary kids) The children feel betrayed because they were lied to and because their actions served no purpose, and leave the kingdom.

The warrior have just inadvertently create their greatest nemesis

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