Exchange sheet (subject to change)

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Exchange sheet (subject to change)

Post by Zeiss on Sun May 15, 2016 11:02 pm

The Exchange

Treasury: 6459 gp


  • Management level: ?
  • Morale: ?

Ruler: Zeiss of Dreamkeeper (Character sheet link)

  • Traits: he was an adventurer and an assassin. Currently a Green mage and Orator.
  • Ambition(s): to control the Undermarket, anything else is unknown to the public


  • Holtburg
  • Holtburg's garrison (Tollar of Anvilmar -partner-)
  • Ritholme and Irondell (Gretta of Firebeard -vassal-)


  • Lord of Holtburg
  • Blackbrine


  • Middle management: Visas of Wolfrunner (Elf, female)
  • Relief efforts: Bail of Feeder (Mosswart, male)
  • Intelligence: Sareth (Lord Elf, male)
  • Diplomacy: Qui-Gon (Elf, male - speaks Elven, Dwarven, Serpent, Orcish, Common)
  • Accounting: Dulvi (Mite, female)
  • Military: Kolson
  • Clandestine operations: offering the position to the female half-elf half-banderling manager (the cut-throat one). If she accepts, her name will be Kreia.
    Role explanation:
    In charge of the Black Butterfly (inn), the Shadow Depository, and the Headhunter Task Force.
  • Expansion: offering the position to the human manager (the ex-Hlaalu Lord). If he accepts, his name will be Canderous.
    Role explanation:
    Supervises the acquisitions of companies, resources and personnel.

Superintendents' assigned task:

  • Middle management: unify the Blocs of the Holtburg Province through trade deals without their knowledge.
  • Relief efforts: recruit managers and employees and set up an infrastructure.
  • Intelligence: recruiting spy trainers.
  • Diplomacy: Gather information on Warlords, mutual business partners, exclusive business partners, influential people in Holtburg, Mayors and Guardians of Holtburg province.
  • Accounting: crunching the numbers.
  • Military: recruit new members, set up shop within the Veil.
  • Clandestine operations: accelerate the Black Butterfly's construction.
  • Expansion: build the Blades HQ, plan the construction of a new neighborhood in Holtburg where the Wall expanded, look for companies to buy as Fronts.


  • Black Butterfly (inn): not enough supplies, it's a mess. Has a Silence room.
  • Shadow Depository: one month of weaving left.
  • Headhunter Task Force: ready to go.
  • Relief efforts: back to square one.


  • The Blades (mercenaries): 1 bodyguard squad (for Zeiss), 3 general squads.
  • Relief Agency: 1 superintendent.
  • Olthoi chef team: set up within the Veil, very popular.

Organization's activities:

  • Buying food from Kinz'Lizakh, selling food to small Aluvian companies.
  • Loansharking with the help of a Sho cartel.

People with access to the Hub:

  • Zeiss, Kolson, Sareth, Qui-Gon, and a handful of employees handpicked by Zeiss who use the Hub to transport goods.

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