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Post by Rory on Tue Oct 04, 2016 5:03 am

I'm doing this to try and mirror what Zeiss has done for his npcs thread, and what Arch has done for my Rory entry on his wiki.

I made due with what I could find.
Archipelago PCs Corsai11
Image original title: Corsair
Artist: sharandula (allowed for character portraits/avatars only, resize/crop only)
Other: one of her OCs

"We're the same, you and I. Well, that is overstating it. You are nothing like me, but we both need people."
-Konrad in parlay with the captain of a navy frigate.

Born Blessed, Konrad grew up on Myr, where he was raised in both martial and magical abilities to become a red mage. He served on the Capricorn as First Mate to Iron Luther, and kept the ship's records, and would forge documents and would be sent or brought to negotiations to handle legalese and relations. Konrad and Luther were both ruthless, and that is where their similarities end. Avaricious, vengeful, violent, and manipulative, where Luther was trained to mute his inner voice to fight for the Lorinthian military, Konrad's inner voice would condition quite nicely to the same training, if not for his willful and free spirit that would be stifled in the name of true patriotism and Stoic philosophy. His inner voice thrives much better on the open waves as a free man who takes whatever he wants at the expense of the livelihood of others. This was not to last, however, when his gang was betrayed in an alliance with a few other pirate gangs. He found himself infatuated with a woman named Kira from one of these pirate gangs after a few missions with her gang, in which she was also First Mate at the time. She provided the catalyst that sealed the fate of him and the rest of Konrad's gang: dead, while Konrad survived and later went on to join the Coins to serve for life as penance for his crimes. Three years he would stew on it before he was assigned to the 113th Coins Adjunct, as a member alongside Steve Oldturn and Mihai Sobotka, providing the opportunity for him to seek revenge, which he finally managed three months later by killing Kira in a gout of Red Mage flame. Konrad "Wildfire" Granger's fury is far from quenched, however...

First name: Konrad
Last name: Granger
Age: 32
Disposition: cultured
Favorite food: beef cuts cooked flambe
Favorite drink: rum
Job: Coins mercenary and privateer
Talents: Sailing, talking, lying, fighting, magic
Reputation: Once a pirate aboard the ship The Capricorn, the mark of privateer stains him in the eyes of those who see no difference. In spite of that, he's quick with a smooth gesture or flattering word to win over a new acquaintance.
Interests: personal liberties, courting, playing with emotions (harmless combination...) "graphology", revenge, luxury, sailing
Trivia - The right side of his face and torso are scarred from burning. It runs from the right side of his temple down his face over his right eye, down his neck and right shoulder plus bicep, and stopping midway down his belly.
- Has feelings for Naomi. Was waiting for the right time to pursue certain topics, until they had a falling out.
- Has experimented with pain as a kink, on account of being Blessed. Threshold is 5/10.
- Smokes and drinks, including coffee. #ALLthelegaldrugs

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Post by Kolson on Tue Oct 04, 2016 7:50 am

Archipelago PCs Kq3Bh1E

"Do what you want, the way you want to." -Steve's Motto.

Name: Steve Oldturn
Alias: Stan Firestarter
Age: 22
Disposition: Irreverent Prankster
Favorite Food: Tacos
Favorite Drink: Green Tea
Job: Coin's Mercenary and Poet
Talents: Black magic, poetry, deception, diplomacy, comedy, and linguistics.
Reputation: The Citadel's #1 prankster, for good and ill.
Trivia: Steve sees Fedler as an older sister and Yen as a niece/successor for the job of Citadel's #1 Prankster.
Him and Zelk Freeron met in the library back at the Citadel. His clumsy attempt to get to know her sparked a 10 year rivalry/wooing. Neither one is entirely sure when the switch happened.
He views Mihai and Konrad as older brothers.
He's been secretly replacing Mihai and Konrad's socks with slightly smaller ones since they returned from Waterglass. Neither one has noticed yet as far as he can tell.
Only Breeze knows about the socks prank. She's been helping him make the switch.
He views Breeze as his friend and mentor, up there with Velstar and a few others. Fedler is very close to being added to this list.

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Post by K on Fri Oct 07, 2016 6:13 pm

Archipelago PCs KxFrm8xl

"Just remember the Coins have their own goals in mind. High and mighty talk like Too many people depend on us sounds good on paper, but means nothing out on the dirt. Don't mistake their goals for ours. Not without knowing them."

- Mihai to Breeze

Name: Mihai Sobotka
Alias: D
Age: 27
Birthday: March 19th
Blood Type: A+
Job: I'm with the Coins. I cut things.
Interests: Why do you care?
Favorite food: Whatever doesn't taste bad, i guess.
Favorite Drink: There was this one called the good stuff...
Reputation: Used to be a Whisperer. Now i'm here. People who hire me have that on file, and it's kinda irritating.
Trivia: What?

his sword has a theme song:

he has a theme song too:

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