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Post by Archengeia on Tue Feb 26, 2013 10:49 pm

Gremlock of Anvilmar: Executor in charge of the 113th Adjunct and your direct superior.
Crilfu of Blackwater: Adjudicator in charge of the entire Third Wing of the Order.
Z, existing member of the 113th Adjunct and working with your group. Black Mage of some skill.

Colonel Yayojin of Sandfury, Troll leader of the local army and head of Fort Bleached Bones. Possibly has airships at her disposal.
Al-Korinth: Oasis city which is a major hub for trade going to and from the Gold Road and Al-Jalima.
Argbadh Hozjk'loran: Military officer in the Sho Empire, gave orders to Ssalivus the Sclavi.
Ssalivus: The so-called saboteur. Sho patriot.

These three pages best represent the visual design of the airships spotted near Kheynth:
Frigate 1
Frigate 2
Frigate 3

Kheynth: Town to the east, sleepy farming town
Al-Ferin: Town to the south, mining city
Kheynth Mayor: Tortha of Seeker, Banderling.
O'ulan'takangaskan, a crimsonback Tusker, born on Aphus Lassel

A Treatise On Golems:
Golems are entities that are magically created from a given substance. The type of substance has direct proportion to how difficult the Golem is to make, and how powerful / durable it is. To date even the most skilled of artisans can only make up to Sand Golems.

A Golem is a form of continuous Weaving. Its very existence is specially designed to without ceasing re-Weave itself to be able to approximate sentience in order to understand and carry out orders, with no particular limit on complexity. By its very nature as a purely magical creation, a Golem can understand all forms of communication.

A Golem's Heart is the thing that keeps a Golem concentrated. A Golem who's heart is removed is still technically 'alive' (as much as a Golem was ever alive) but lacks the ability to manipulate the substance that it was constructed of. The Heart thus has to be removed with extreme care, as it would require injuring the 'body' of the Golem to the point where it was low enough in defenses for the Heart to be removed through significant force.

The Golem Heart is not fragile per say, as it would require great difficulty to actually destroy, but even a minor change while transporting it would require the Heart ot be repaired, a lengthy and complex Weaving process.

The known Golems that the modern age can create, from weakest to strongest, are Mud, Water, Wood, Ice, and Sand.
Much, much stronger Golems exist in the Dires. It is these Golems that were in fact brought down, with great effort, and studied to learn the secrets of their creation.

Such Golems range, upwards, as Granite, Bronze, Iron, Magma, Coral, Gold, Diamond, Platinum, Crystal, and Pyreal.
A Sand Golem could level a town by itself inside of an hour. Sand Golems are usually constructed for combat specifically.

Water and Mud Golems are usually for heavy lifting, working, manipulation, that sort of thing.
Any given Golem can manipulate it's 'body' to an almost infinite degree, and as such can handle heavy objects just as easily as small and delicate items. It can apply pressure with near infinite control
A Golem's 'body' can be damaged by mundane means, but it is highly resistant to damage from just about any source.

A Golem is at all times at risk of going Feral. No one is completely sure what exactly causes it, and it is actually quite rare, happening in only one in a thousand Golems, but the concept of any given going Feral is a very real risk that is always run. Some people have theorized that this is why no stronger than Sand Golems have been researched yet... for no one wants to see an Iron Golem go Feral in the middle of a city.

Feral Golems are at once insanely dangerous and easy to control. They will stay wherever they went Feral at, as if guarding that area and a chunk of area around it. They will attack anything and everything that approaches on sight without question or hesitation, including animals and bugs. But they will never venture past their designated area

Golems also have the ability to detect through Stealth or other forms of cloaking.


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