The Savage World (as you know it)

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The Savage World (as you know it)

Post by Snarg of Wildpaw on Mon Oct 07, 2013 10:34 pm


This is the world as you know it. The Black Post is the area in which you are located and will be starting at. Although it does not exist on any actual in-game maps yet, I have included it on this map for reference purposes. There exists lands outside of this small map, but as far as most people know, it's just wild lands with extremely dangerous creatures.

Savage Elf Lands
No one goes in to the Savage Elf Lands and anyone who comes out is shot, for they bring disease and plague with them wherever they go. It is commonly accepted that once you venture in to the forests you are as good as dead. Not much is known about what goes on in these lands.

Savage Elven River
Primarily used as a fast trading route between the tribes along the river and Zephic's territory. Named because the upper portion borders the Savage Elf Lands (no one goes up near that part).

The Fertile Lands
The major powers in the Fertile Land are Havok and Zephic, although there exists many other minor tribes and settlements. Named because of the excellent farming land and the absence of some of the more destructive creatures that exist in other surrounding areas.

Warlord Havok is/was the ruler of the a large city of Hobgoblins nestled within the mountains to the north. They block the only known route between the mountains and have either not ventured further or refuse to tell anyone what is on the other side. Although evil, they are not without honor, and have good, if somewhat tense, relations between Zephic and the surrounding towns. His territory was recently reported to have been taken by the Black Dragon and her armies. It is rumored that the infamous Gnome saboteur Karlos "Karl Kaboom" and his pyromaniac assistant, originally citizens of Havok, have been sighted in the area of The Black Post. Patrols and inspections have been doubled since this rumor appeared.

The Human king of a city by the sea. Allows races of all types to dwell and trade within his territory. Recently reported to have been taken by the Black Dragon and her armies, where she took up residence in the city's temple to Iomedae. It is rumored that the king escaped the assault on his city along with his newly appointed general, who are currently marshaling forces against the Dragon.

The Black Post
The Black Dragon's hidden in-progress city. It is full of slaves, army units, and other aspects of the Black Dragon's forces. The construction doesn't fit any common type of architecture and the center is dominated by a large tower and an under-contruction temple to the Dragon. This city came in to being very quickly due to the vast number of slaves working on it. This area is very heavily defended, with no one getting in or out who isn't supposed to. This city was unknown to everyone until the Black Dragon attacked. It rose up in an unprecedented amount of time after slaves were captured from Havok's and Zephic's territories - literally in a matter of weeks. It does not appear on any known maps and its practical purpose is very questionable.

Green Underhill
A large tribe of green-scaled Kobolds. They quickly joined the Black Dragon when she came and serve as the "blessed" of her forces. Their "blessed" title grants them great respect and jealousy from those loyal to the dragon. Members of this group are often seen serving in important roles in the Dragon's city due to their "blessed nature".

Red Underhill
These were a curious batch of red-scaled Kobolds since, unlike the other tribes, they were rumored to have opposed the dragon and fought against her. It was commonly thought that they were completely wiped out, although recently, rumors of a resistance force by their not-quite-dead leader have begun to surface.

Tribal Wildlands
There is no major power here, unlike the Fertile Lands. It consists of scattered tribes of all manner of races. Not a whole lot is known about this area or its inhabitants by any one particular person, although anyone who has ventured in to these lands have their own story to tell about who they met. It is rumored that a powerful necromancer from this area has recently become angry with the Dragon's rampage and is raising an army against her with the help of Zephic's general.

The Nomad Desert
It is said that a large "kingdom" of desert nomads roam this area, although this has never been proven. All anyone knows is that the occasional mercenary will sometimes claim to be from here. It so became commonly known as the Nomad Desert due to these claims.

Wandering Sea
No one has ever attempted to go far out to sea and returned to tell about it. This place is very much a mystery.

The Savage World is a place not yet fully-developed by most fantasy-medieval standards. The various races of the world are still finding their place, and indeed some do not even exist as of yet. The existence of other planes are all but unknown to most, although they do know that their deities come from "some other place".

Many races who traditionally fight live in relative peace, as the events that have shaped their centuries-long hatred of each other have not yet happened. It is not unusual to see a Kobold or Goblin walking the streets in a settlement to sell their newest find or purchase wares. They're still annoying, evil little buggers, but they're not unwilling to cooperate.

Magic is something that exists and is known about, although unless you are a priest, witch, sorcerer, alchemist, or something related to that, you may not see much of it. No one has even heard of a "wizard" in their life and the art of scroll making, although not unknown, is a very rare and complicated art. Spellbooks are not something a magic user would even consider using. No one has yet unlocked the secret of performing magic without the natural talent for it.

Minor deities are very prevalent in this land. Going from tribe-to-tribe, you would likely find each one honoring a different deity. This doesn't mean that there aren't several big ones out there, but what you'll find from place-to-place is much more varied than normal.

Metal such as steel are all but unheard of, with iron and bronze being the cream-of-the-crop. There are rumors that the Savage Elves use some sort of strange, glimmering metal, although no one really knows is that is true or what the metal is.
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