Toon Rules and Game Concepts

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Toon Rules and Game Concepts

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The only dice ever used in Toon is the d6. At most I'll have you roll 3 of them.

Attributes & Skills  

The four attributes are Muscle, Zip, Smarts, and Chutzpah.

Muscle is your character's physical strength. It determines your ability to smash things, climb things, throw things, pick things up (Like that large anvil that just fell on your head or the corner of that house you want to check under), and finally your ability to fight in hand to hand combat.

Zip is your character's speed, agility, and hand-eye coordination. It affects your character's ability to jump, run, swim, use ranged weapons, drive vehicles, and ride things.

Smarts is your character's mental prowess. It affects your character's ability to hide/spot hidden things, identify a dangerous object, your ability to read different languages, your ability to resist coercion or lies, your ability to perceive your environment, your ability to set or disarm traps and otherwise repair or build machines, and to track or avoid tracking.

Chutzpah is your character's propensity for boldness and courage, whether for good or ill. It affects your character's ability to fast talk other characters, to pass or detect defective goods, to engage in sleight of hand, and finally your character's ability to sneak around undetected.

Full Skill List:
Muscle Skills
Break Down Door
Pick Up Heavy Thing

Zip Skills
Drive Vehicle
Fire Gun

Smarts Skills
Hide/Spot Hidden
Identify Dangerous Thing
Resist Fast-Talk
Set/Disarm Trap
Track/Cover Tracks

Chutzpah Skills
Pass/Detect Shoddy Goods
Sleight of Hand

Using Skills

When using a skill, you always roll 2d6 and add the result together. If the result is the same or lower than your skill value plus or minus any miscellaneous modifiers your GM may decide to add on, you succeed. If it is higher, you fail. A roll of 2 is always a success regardless of your skill value.

Example: Mack the Mouse wants to Fast-Talk a little old lady out of her red supercharged sports car. The GM decides that the little old lady really loves that car, so he tacks on a +2 modifier to Mac's roll, making it more difficult for Mack to succeed at his skill check. So he rolls 2d6 and ends up with a result of 5 which shakes out to 7 after adding the GM modifier. Since 7 is lower than 9 (his Fast-Talk skill value), he succeeds at his check, scoring a brand new car for the duration of the scene (assuming it isn't destroyed by inept driving or the other players).

If you are not trained in a skill, use the value of your associated attribute instead.

Skill Contests

A skill contest takes place when a character directly apposes the success of a skill used by another, typically when one character attempts to Fight another. Both players make skill checks for the same skill, checking that 1. They succeed on their check at all and 2. roll lower than the opposing player. The first character to win 2 of 3 exchanges, is the winner. If the contest ends in a draw, both players are boggled (see conditions below for a definition of boggled). If both players lose, they are boggled and take an additional consequence as determined by the GM.


Boggled: Your character has been temporarily incapacitated in some manner, so much so that you lose your next turn.

Fall Down: You have been reduced to 0 hit points. You are out of the current scene but return to the next one at full health. Death is never permanent in Toon so don't be afraid to try ridiculous things.

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